Diffusion Science radio: International Womens Day Special

International Womens Day Special

Medicating Mr Faithful, Green Senator Kerry Nettle and the Women behind Science

Let's celebrate all those XX chromosomes out there! On Diffusion this week, we will have a chat with the Greens Senator and environmental scientist, Kerry Nettle. We will also take a bite of the "commitment pill" - a medication for creating Mr Faithful. Plus, we uncover two female scientists who were buried in history. Don't miss this weeks Diffusion special!

Presented by Celine Steinfeld
News by Emily Fearn
Medicating Mr Faithful by Tisha Dejmanee
Uncovering Women in Science by Catherine Beehag
Interview with Senator Kerry Nettle by Celine Steinfeld
Produced by Celine Steinfeld

March 8, 2007

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