Diffusion Science radio: Cloned and Dressed for Success

Cloned and Dressed for Success

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This week's Diffusion casts aside vanity and looks at how healthy those belts, braces and bras really are when we try to dress up. The beer drinking scientists ask your opinion on cloning, life in general and the appeal of your own mini-me. Plus in Diffusion News, we look at an insect which has rediscovered the joys of sex after millions of years of celibacy.
Presented by Emily Fearn. "Dressed for Success" and "Eye Colour" by Kachina Allen, "The Beer Drinking Scientists: Cloning" by Marc West and Darren Osborne, News by Patrick Rubie. Panelled by Celine Steinfeld. Produced by Celine Steinfeld and Patrick Rubie.

April 26, 2007

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