Diffusion Science radio: Robot Love, Nuclear Power, Safe?

Robot Love, Nuclear Power, Safe?

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A Diffusion Science Nuclear Special (Part II).
Instead of looking only at CO2, we look at the
other important issues surrounding nuclear power
generation. This week: the risks of proliferation.

Special Guests Dr Sue Wareham OAM of the Medical
Association for the Prevention of War, and A/Prof
Tilman Ruff, Australian Chair of the International
Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons talk with
Charles Willock about nuclear proliferation.

Jaroon Descartes is Jacqui Pfeffer's Special Guest
in Part II of "Relationships with Robots".

Presented by: Lachlan Whatmore
News: Patrick Rubie and Ian Woolf
Panelled by: Ian Woolf

Produced by Charles Willock and Ian Woolf

Musical Clips:
Randy Newman: Political Science ("Let's drop the big one now")
Tom Lehrer: That Was The Year That Was ("Who's_Next?").

November 22, 2007

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