Diffusion Science radio: 2008 Kisses, tantrums and infections

2008 Kisses, tantrums and infections


It’s the last show of 2008 so there’s plenty of love, tears and infection spreading! Patrick Rubie looks at the nice and the nasty side of mistletoe. Victoria Bond and Jaime Leclerc quiz you on infectious diseases. Ian Woolf tells a tale of eight-tentacled fury at the Sea Star Aquarium in Coburg, Germany.
And in our last news of 2008 Marc West reveals Santa’s secrets!

Presented by Darren Osborne
Produced by Patrick Rubie
Panelled by Ian Woolf
“The mistletoe: naughty or nice?” by Patrick Rubie
“Otto the kranky octopus” by Ian Woolf
“Who am I – infectious diseases” by Victoria Bond and Jamie Leclerc
News by Marc West – “Infectious Happiness” and “Santa’s Secrets”

December 29, 2008
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