Diffusion Science radio: Parasite Wisdom, warming, space sugar

Parasite Wisdom, warming, space sugar


Marc West extends last week's report on global warming and the next ice age, explains how wine's bubbles can track the carbon dioxide from fossil fuels, about dating glaciers by atomic bomb residue, how wind farms may create weather, and Monday night's crescent moon, along with Venus and Jupiter will show a celestial smiley face!

Ian Woolf talks parasite wisdom with Professor John Dalton, director of the Institute for the Biotechnology of Infectious Diseases, UTS, who researches how to exploit parasite's knowledge of our immune system to cure diseases.

Caitlin Howlett tell us about sugar in space, which may point at life, and how water is a greenhouse gas.

Ian Woolf reports on solar powered sea slugs on the sea floor that can make food from sunlight.

Monica Sharma updates us on the fate of the spiders in space, and how a brain implant is giving a paralysed man the power of speech,

Caitlin Howlett reports on how turtles evolved their shells.

Presented by Monica Sharma, produced by Ian Woolf

December 1, 2008
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