Diffusion Science radio: LOLcat censorship and Future Journeys

LOLcat censorship and Future Journeys


Futurist Janine Cahill tells Ian Woolf what "gentle whispers" from the Future are telling us about future trends,
Ian Woolf reports from Saturday's March in March protest against internet censorship in Australia:
- Google Guru Jim Stewart discusses the ACMA black-list of forbidden material and what it means for Australians,
- Protestors report on the banning of funny cat pictures, and businesses falsely accusing rivals of naughty material to get them banned,
- Colin Jacobs from Electronic Frontiers Australia explains that Internet censorship is a political problem, not a technical one.
News by Kalvin Ng
- underwater eruptions
- self-healing cars
- ID for tigers
- teenage space balloons
Presented by Charles Willock,
Produced by Ian Woolf

March 23, 2009

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