Diffusion Science radio: The ghost of Diffusion past - Xmas 2000

The ghost of Diffusion past - Xmas 2000

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The ghost of Diffusion past - the Xmas show from 2000 sampled at 20kbps:
Myths and facts of the great Aussie Beer Gut by Nick Perkins
Anthropomorphisation by Lachlan Whatmore
Weird science by Gina Sartore
- GM Potato glows when it needs water
- why penguins waddle
- Santa suits banned in Mexico
News by Nick Perkins
- I'm Not Dead Yet gene doubles lifespan
- Cell phones don't cause brain cancer
- Big backside print may prove Big Foot?
Presented by Adam Mark
Produced by Lachlan Whatmore
Panelled by Ian Woolf

December 28, 2009

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