Diffusion Science radio: The 2005 science trivia special fresh from Alaska

The 2005 science trivia special fresh from Alaska

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The ghost of Diffusions Xmas past! Listen to a classic from the vaults: the 2005 Christmas special!

It was an eventful time - we were served a "Cease and Desist order" from using the name "Discovery", and we discovered we had an audience in an Alaskan community radio station.

Quiz-master Chris Stewart plays the Schroedinger Cats against the Pavlov's dogs, with everything to win in a game of science trivia.
Playing are: Ian Woolf, Noel Hannah, Natalie Staib, Matt Clarke, Phil Dooley, Jacqui Hayes, Jacqui Pfeffer, Matt Francis and Adam Richardson.

December 26, 2011

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