Diffusion Science radio: Sick prawns and sleep rehearsal

Sick prawns and sleep rehearsal

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Julie-Anne Popple reports on Turtle death mysteries,
spray on batteries, and Hot dinosaurs.
Ian Woolf reports on Sleep rehearsal,Vortex data streams
Hiccupops, Shoes for efficient running,
record Solar power,,Alcohol and caffeine sprays.
Bonnie Yiu reports on pesticide pollution in the Hawkesbury River, with eco-toxicologist Dr Ben Kefford.
Ian Woolf zaps his food.
Presented and produced by Ian Woolf

Vortex data references:
Terabit free-space data transmission employing orbital angular momentum multiplexing
Vortex radio waves could boost wireless capacity “infinitely”
Infinite-capacity wireless vortex beams carry 2.5 terabits per second

July 2, 2012

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