Diffusion Science radio: Diffusion cut from 2SER

Diffusion cut from 2SER

The Diffusion science show has been cut by 2SER, to make room for new
shows by new volunteers.

After 19 years on air, and 15 years of contributions from me, its the
final Diffusion Science Radio broadcast from 2SER tonight at 6:30pm,
after that you will only be able to hear the show by subscribing to the
podcast at www.diffusionradio.com, listening on one of the 14 stations
on the Community Radio Network that broadcast us around Australia, on
the National Science Foundation's Science360 internet radio station in
the USA, and on Astronomy.FM in the UK.

Diffusion has 700 weekly subscribers to the podcast, with 10 000
downloads every month.

Its the end of an era of funny, quirky, weird and wonderful science that
started in 1995. Over 50 volunteers have broadcast more than 180
interviews as captured by the podcast at www.diffusionradio.com, along
with well researched reports, panel discussions, book reviews, science
songs, trivia games and radio plays.

Diffusion has been an institution where volunteers were trained by
fellow volunteers to do all the jobs of producing a radio show, from
operating the panel, conducting interviews, presenting, script writing,
editing and producing.

In 2005 the Discovery show was asked by a cable Science network to
change its name, due to similarities.

In 2011 astronomer Matt Dawson named a planetoid "VictoriaBond". The
Minor Planet Ephemeris Service says:
"Victoria Bond is the name of the popular Australian science show
presenter of "Diffusion Science Radio". Her catchphrase "Planetoid! I
love that word!" and accurate astronomy coverage have endeared her to
listeners worldwide". Ironically, the voice saying the phrase in our
theme music actually belongs to Jacqui Hayes.

Later in 2011, Diffusion won the 2SER Best Talk Show award.

Then in 2012 Diffusion was granted $10 000 for content development from
the Community Broadcasting Foundation.

Our tiny team will continue podcasting our passion for science.

Join me for Farewell to 2SER drinks tonight at 8:30pm at the Bar Broadway.

April 22, 2013

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