Diffusion Science radio: Sonic Screwdrivers and ingenuity awards

Sonic Screwdrivers and ingenuity awards

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Ed Pollit reports on Dental Anxiety, Heart modelling and the Chinese moon mission.
Ian Woolf investigates the Science of Doctor Who,
The Rolex Awards for Enterprize by Ed Pollitt,
Presented and produced by Ian Woolf

The Fourth Dimension and How to Get There by Rudy Rucker
With the right amount of passion, anyone can change everything
BBC Doctor Who Sound files
Carbon-Nanotube Optoacoustic Lens for Focused Ultrasound Generation and High-Precision Targeted Therapy
Guo Research Group
Super-fine sound beam could one day be an invisible scalpel
Mechanical Evidence of the Orbital Angular Momentum to Energy Ratio of Vortex Beams
Coke cans focus sound waves beyond the diffraction limit
Focus: Focusing Sound without a Lens

April 8, 2013
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