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Sydney Maker Culture

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Australian National Security Enquiry needs a time machine by Ian Woolf,
Daniel Green plans the Sydney Mini Maker Faire.
Adam Farrow-palmer describes his electronic shirt,
Iain Chalmers talks about MooresCloud networked lights,
Manuel Betancort remotely controls cockroaches at Dorkbot.
Gwenael Cadiou presents his 3 Minute Thesis: "A Fish Journey: Where, When, and ...Why?"
Presented and produced by Ian Woolf

Sydney Mini Maker Faire
Daniel Green, Project Officer for the Sydney Mini Maker Faire at the powerhouse Museum, Sydney
Daniel Green

Photo: Marinco Kojdanovski. Reproduced courtesy of the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.
The Sydney Mini Maker Faire stakeholder meeting
Sydney Mini Maker faire planning meeting

MooresCloud Festival lights at Dorkbot
Festival at Dorkbot
Government shelves controversial data retention scheme (June 2013)
Inquiry into potential reforms of National Security Legislation
Data Retention Details (Pirate Party wiki)
Data retention plan useful for security but could threaten privacy: parliamentary committee
Telstra’s deal with the devil: FBI access to its undersea cables (July 2013)
WikiLeaks Party demands answers from Telstra
WikiLeaks Party calls on Privacy Commissioner to investigate secret Telstra FBI deal
WikiLeaks Party Wants Answers from Telstra Group on Tempora-like Snooping
Telstra storing data on behalf of US government
Maker Faire
Dorkbot Sydney
Backyard Brains

August 12, 2013
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