Diffusion Science radio: 30 IQ points more, and BitCoin

30 IQ points more, and BitCoin

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The Bionic Eye is successfully tested, and the new Government closes down the Science Ministry.
Trans-humanitarianism - Feeding and educating people to bring about the Singularity.
Bitcoin for beginners by Chard Core and Dee.
Joshua Condran presents his 3 Minute Thesis on Real Time Microscopy of Surface Chemical Reactions
Presented and produced by Ian Woolf

Joshua Condran-3MT-slide

Delight in Bionic Sight
Coalition to slash funding for top technology institution NICTA
Abbott's Ministry of Merit built on rickety ideas
Govt ministry announced: men the 95% in Abbott cabinet
Liberal backbencher Dennis Jensen hits out at science 'confusion' in new ministry
No Science Minister In New Abbott Government
Australian Pub to serve beer in return for BitCoin
Worker's radio show on Radio Skid Row 88.9FM
Introduction to Transhumanism
Democratic Transhumanism
Extropy Institute

Upgrade your memory by learning a Mnemonic system

Bionic eye is a treat (The Age)

September 16, 2013

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