Diffusion Science radio: Stem Cell Revolutions and HIV protein

Stem Cell Revolutions and HIV protein

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Hearing restored to deaf mice, and
Breast milk protects against HIV by Ian Woolf
Clare Blackburn speaks to Ian Woolf about the film "Stem Cell Revolutions",
Kate Doherty spoke to Ian Woolf about Stem Cell communication and games,
John August reports on HIV proteins and West Nile virus.
Presented and produced by Ian Woolf

Stem Cell Revolutions
Kate Doherty and Clare Blackburn

Stem Cell Revolutions

Kate Doherty, , Nick Di Girolamo, Clare Blackburn, Alexis Bosman, Michael Morris and Uli Schmidt

Notch Inhibition Induces Cochlear Hair Cell Regeneration and Recovery of Hearing after Acoustic Trauma
Regenerative disorders: Notching up hearing
Scientists discover possible cure for noise-induced hearing loss

Tenascin-C is an innate broad-spectrum, HIV-1–neutralizing protein in breast milk
Breast milk protein may be key to protecting babies from HIV infection
HIV and mothers’ milk
As luck would have it

Scientists Uncover Breast Milk's Potential Secret Weapon Against HIV
Breast milk protein protects babies from HIV: Study

Stem Cell Revolutions

Euro Stem Cell
Stem Cell Revolutions

HIV protein

Small-Molecule Antagonists of CCR5 and CXCR4: A Promising New Class of Anti-HIV-1 Drugs
HIV-1 infection in individuals with the CCR5-Delta32/Delta32 genotype: acquisition of syncytium-inducing virus at seroconversion
HIV Immunity
The Evolving Genetics of HIV
A common mechanism of clinical HIV-1 resistance to the CCR5 antagonist maraviroc despite divergent resistance levels and lack of common gp120 resistance mutations
The Δccr5 Mutation Conferring Protection Against HIV-1 in Caucasian Populations Has a Single and Recent Origin in Northeastern Europe

November 4, 2013
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