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Spiderman 2 and Money

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Social media censorship for Australia - DIBP DIBP DIBP, Dob, dob, dob?
More CSIRO job cuts,
#Australiansforcoal trends on twitter by Ian Woolf,
Review of the science of SpiderMan 2 by Ian Woolf,
Money - Science or Alchemy? Part 1 of an interview with economist Joffre Balce,
Hosted and produced by Ian Woolf

Association for Good Government
Remove ‘offensive remark’ or else: Immigration Dept
Social media: government sees and hears all
Government cyber snoops scouring social media
Public service's leaked guide to dobbing on colleagues is now 'secret'
Immigration Department worker sacked over tweets loses bid to keep job
Public servant loses fight over Twitter attack on government
Asylum seeker reports department to federal police over 'punitive' transfer
Immigration Department data lapse reveals asylum seekers' personal details
CSIRO braces for budget cut of up to $150 million
CSIRO job cuts will reduce science agency by almost 10%, says union
CSIRO achievements
Australians for Coal campaign fires up protesters instead of supporters
#AustraliansForCoal is the latest sign of an industry in values freefall
Minerals Council launches 'Australians for coal' website

April 14, 2014
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