Diffusion Science radio: Play sub-atomic games in Space!

Play sub-atomic games in Space!

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Pill to help immune system defeat all cancers,
and mechanical 3D printer without electricity by Ian Woolf,
Paul Sztajer talks about his game of sub-atomic physics - Particulars,
Tim Nelson talks about the Delta-V Space Start-up accelerator,
and Christie McMonigal talks about how to become a science communicator.
Hosted and produced by Ian Woolf.

Paul Sztajer
Paul Sztajer

See-Through Studios

Tim Parsons
Tim Parsons

Delta-V Space Hub

Christie McMonigal-A bit of magicChristie McMonigal (photo courtesy of the Australian Institute of Physics)
The Australian Institute of Physics
Cancer pill fights disease and gives lifelong protection
Leukaemia drug found to stimulate immunity against many cancer types
Inactivation of PI(3)K p110δ breaks regulatory T-cell-mediated immune tolerance to cancer

World’s First Analog 3D Printer – Requires no computers, software or electricity
Daniel de Bruin

June 30, 2014
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