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Remote controlled contraceptrives could lead to altered choices by Ian Woolf,
Rod Dowler from ANSTO talks about the Fact or Fiction show with Marc West,
Hosted and produced by Ian Woolf

Ants by the sea 6
ANSTO Fact or Fiction?

A Contraceptive Implant with Remote Control
Why this remote-controlled birth control will be the next big thing
Remote-controlled contraceptive chip that lasts for 16 years to go on sale 'by 2018'
Questions over wireless-controlled contraceptives
The Gates Foundation is developing a remote-control contraceptive
Coming soon — a contraceptive that lasts 16 years!

The Pill Makes Women Pick Bad Mates
Are Birth Control Pills Changing the Mating Game?
Has the pill changed the rules of sexual attraction?
Scent of A man
Birth Control Pills Affect Women's Taste in Men
Contraceptive Pills: The "Cancer-Causing Convenience" All Women Should Avoid

Sniff Out Your Sweetheart

Does the contraceptive pill alter mate choice in humans?
Major histocompatibility complex genes, symmetry, and body scent attractiveness in men and women
A theory of mate choice based on heterozygosity
MHC-correlated odour preferences in humans and the use of oral contraceptives
MHC-dependent mate preferences in humans.

July 21, 2014
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