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Machine telepathy? by Ian Woolf
From the Sydney Mini Maker Faire:
Makers Empire with a system for 5 year olds to make toys with 3D Printers,
Three teen roboticists from First Australia with their robots,
Joy Suiliman from Electrocraft,
Gail Kenning and Cathy Treadway make HandiPockets to stimulate the minds of seniors with dementia.
Production checked by Charles Willock,
Hosted and Produced by Ian Woolf

2014-08-16 13.53.26
Maker's Empire

2014-08-16 16.53.11
FIRST Australia Community Robotics competitions

2014-08-16 10.03.43
Irresistable Learning

2014-08-17 16.45.23
Helping Assist with New Devices for Seniors Hand I pocket

Conscious Brain-to-Brain Communication in Humans Using Non-Invasive Technologies
Hyper-interaction viability experiments
Telepathy or a Painstaking Conversation in Morse Code?
Brain-to-brain 'telepathic' communication achieved for first time
Brain-to-brain verbal communication in humans achieved for the first time
The First Successful Demonstration Of Brain-To-Brain Communication In Humans

September 15, 2014

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