Diffusion Science radio: Bitcoin rules soliton waves

Bitcoin rules soliton waves

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Medical nanobots treat cancer by Ian Woolf
Jason Williams tells us why Bitcoins rule,
John August explores the history of Solitons.
Production checked by Charles Willock,
Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf

2014-12-10 20.48.08
Jason Williams
BitCoin Association of Australia
BitCoin Sydney Meetup

John August

DNA robot could kill cancer cells
Ido Bachelet announces 2015 human trial of DNA nanobots to fight cancer and soon to repair spinal cords
The Bachelet lab
nanotechnological research & bio-design

Suiting up for Science
Well Suited To Science
GKT Conference 2014: Dr. Ido Bachelet Kills Cancer With Nanorobots
DNA nanobots coming to your bloodstream

January 5, 2015
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