Diffusion Science radio: Virtual Observatory defeating salt

Virtual Observatory defeating salt

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Asthma drug rejuvenates brains by Ian Woolf,
Yeshe Fenner talks about Virtual Observatories,
Natalie Lister talks about eating potassium to defeat harmful effects of salt in your diet.
Nemeses by Jonathan Coulton.
Production checked by Charles Willock.
Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf

2015-10-28 14.36.25
Yeshe Fenner
AStronomy Australia

2015-08-31 18.30.57
Natalie Lister (note sparkler!)

2015-08-31 18.31.19

Astronomical Data Analysis Software & Systems Conferences
All-Sky Virtual Observatory

Effect Of High Potassium Diet On Endothelial Function
Fresh Science

Structural and functional rejuvenation of the aged brain by an approved anti-asthmatic drug
Asthma drug could rejuvenate ageing brains, study suggests
Asthma drug reverses aging in the brain of mice
Australian Asthma Handbook: Guide to preventers: montelukast
The ageing systemic milieu negatively regulates neurogenesis and cognitive function

Jonathan Coulton

November 9, 2015
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