Diffusion Science radio: STEAM through space bubbles

STEAM through space bubbles

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Its raining innovation by Ian Woolf,
Solange Cunin talks about launching QuebRider's STEAM projects,
John Barrow talks about the Eternal Bubble Multiverse,
Production checked by Charles Willock,
Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf

2016-03-30 20.19.04

730 Report Turnbull under fire for $10m water deal
Australian Rain Corporation
Paradise Dam Bundaberg Queensland trial 2008 (PDF)
Turnbull pumps $10m into rainmaking gamble
Malcolm Turnbull the rain man who speaks with forked tongue.
Cloud Ionization, Electric Rainmaking, and Laser-guided Weather Modification
How ATLANT™ works
Turnbull's $10m for 'rainmakers' with no proof
Clouds form over rainmaking technology
Rainmaking in Middle Eastern Desert: Success or Scam?
Dirty deals?
Australian Academy of Science Statement—Rain making proposal unscientific
Austran Rain trial reports
Malcolm Turnbull’s own $11 million donation/bribery scam comes back to haunt him
No Such Thing As A Free Lunch With Turnbull
Treasurer for sale: Joe Hockey offers privileged access
Malcolm the miracle worker
Contentious rain-making machine tested at Willunga
They've Made It Rain in the Desert -- or Have They?
Expert Team on
Weather Modification

Malcolm Turbull - Rain Man

April 4, 2016

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