Diffusion Science radio: Oz in High Earth Orbit

Oz in High Earth Orbit

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CFS identified by gut, by Ian Woolf,
Tom Crosten talks about building a little satellite for QB50,
William Crowe starts a business mapping all the asteroids.
Why is Uranus upside-down? by Fred Watson
Production checked by Charles Willock,
Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf

2016-05-25 19.12.15
Tom Crosten

William Crowe

High Earth Orbit Robotics
2016-06-20 19.58.08
Fred Watson

Reduced diversity and altered composition of the gut microbiome in individuals with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome
Indicator of chronic fatigue syndrome found in gut bacteria
ME isn’t just ‘exercise phobia’: it’s a physical illness
First official UK death from chronic fatigue syndrome

July 4, 2016
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