Diffusion Science radio: Photobiomodulation and bees

Photobiomodulation and bees

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Bees teach pulling strings,
Bees count to four,
Fruit fly brain brain ageing reversed with spermadine by Ian Woolf.
Daniel Johnstone uses photobiomodulation to treat neuro-degenerative diseases.
Production checked by Charles Willock,
Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf


Daniel Johnstone
Daniel Johnstone's publications on ResearchGate

Associative Mechanisms Allow for Social Learning and Cultural Transmission of String Pulling in an Insect
String pulling bees provide insight into spread of culture
Brainy bees learn how to pull strings to get what they want

Evidence for counting in insects
Insect world royalty shows they really count
Honey bees can count to four
Australia scientists say bees can count to four

Spermidine Suppresses Age-Associated Memory Impairment by Preventing Adverse Increase of Presynaptic Active Zone Size and Release
Keeping your synapses sharp: How spermidine reverses age-related memory decline
Sharpening Your Synapses: Spermidine Reverses Age Related Memory Decline
Spermadine Grants Insight into a Mechanism of Age-Related Memory Dysfunction

October 10, 2016
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