Diffusion Science radio: Face recognition and civil rights

Face recognition and civil rights

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Australian Government will target asylum seekers from space,
Driver's license database plundered for face recognition surveillance.
Tim Norton from Digital Rights Watch talks about the new face recognition capability of the Australian Government.
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Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf
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Tim Singleton Norton

Digital Rights Watch

Australia launches $10m satellite program to help spy planes detect warships, asylum seeker boats

Facial recognition: Where is it being used, and how does the technology work?
NeoFace Watch
UK police start using face recognition software to catch criminals
Pre-crime arrives in the UK: Better make sure your face stays off the crowdsourced watch list
iPhone X and 8: What we know about Apple's new phone and its new features
Did Chicago's facial recognition system catch its first crook?
Facial recognition software to aid Calgary police in future investigations
Man sees humour in 'racist' facial recognition software
NEC New Zealand Law Enforcement, Government and Immigration
Facial Discrimination: Why Turnbull’s radical surveillance plans warrant a closer look

October 9, 2017
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