Diffusion Science radio: Ghost of Xmas 2000

Ghost of Xmas 2000


From the 20kbps Active Streaming File archives:

News by Nick Perkins:
I'm Not Dead Yet gene discovered,
Mobile phone safety,
Big Foot imprint found!

Nick Perkins explains science of the beer gut,
Lachlan Whatmore discusses anthropomorphism,

Gina Satore with weird news from the Fortean Times: Potatoes that glow when they need watering, Why penguins waddle, and illegal Mexican Santas.

Hosted by Adam Mark,
Produced by Lachlan Whatmore,
Technical assistance and editing by Ian Woolf.
Sound and fact checked by Charles Willock

2017-12-05 21.36.55

Reduce your risk: new national guidelines for alcohol consumption
Drug Induced Deaths in Australia: A changing story

December 18, 2017

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