Diffusion Science radio: Grinding your face

Grinding your face

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Face tracking tested on poor people by Ian Woolf,
Tim Cannon talks about implanting devices for fun and profit.
Fact and sound checking by Charles Willock,
Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf.

Tim Cannon
Tim Cannon
Livestock Labs
Grindhouse Wetware

How to Opt OUT of MyHealth Records
My Health Record systems collapse under more opt-outs than expected
The latest health data breach is one reason why I’ll be opting out of MyHealthRecord
Centrelink automation hurting Australia's most vulnerable - Anglicare
A single identity to engage with government agencies
Face-Gov: selfie nation a step closer
Biometric Identification and Identity Theft
The questions Australia should really ask about face recognition
Centrelink to use face scanning technology for pension claimants
Centrelink vows to FACE-SCAN welfare recipients and introduce a ‘demerit points’ to crackdown on benefits fraud
Centrelink to face-scan welfare recipients in drastic new crackdown on benefits fraud
Centrelink recipient's data released by department to counter public criticism
Face Recognition CEO Says Use Of This Tech By Police Is 'Irresponsible And Dangerous'
Australian Government’s national facial recognition regime needs a serious rethink
Centrelink 'tightens security' as identity theft crimes to access welfare payments grow
NSW government commits AU$52.6m to national biometric initiative
Airport security card company reveals data hack as AFP investigates
A real Mediscare: Data breach raises new concerns about security of health records

July 9, 2018

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