Diffusion Science radio: Absinthe chemistry and Beer froth maths

Absinthe chemistry and Beer froth maths

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DIY genetic engineering,
Potatoes stop bleeding,
Gaffa tape stops warts,
and Venusian bacteria by Ian Woolf

2002 Chemistry Nobel Prize - identifying biological macro-molecules by Chris Stewart,

Absinthe science by Adam Mark,

2002 IgNobel Prizes - Scrotal asymmetry in man and ancient sculpture, beer froth obeys law of exponential decay, washing machine for cats and dogs, belly button lint by Chris Stewart

Hosted by Adam Mark,
Produced by Chris Stewart,
Technical support by Gina Satore,
re-edited by Ian Woolf.

lDiffusion team 2002
Chris Stewart, Gina Satore, Lachlan Whatmore, Adam Mark, Tim Baynes, Angelique Hutchinson

Nobel prize in Chemistry 2002
IgNobel prize winners 2002

‘DIY gene modification’ of animals revealed
Potato Powder Stops Bleeding

Can Duct Tape Get Rid of Warts?
Venus may have bugs, say scientists
Researchers Say Venus' Atmosphere Could Support Extraterrestrial Life

October 22, 2018

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