Diffusion Science radio: The Woolf-Pulfrich Effect

The Woolf-Pulfrich Effect

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From 24th January 2011:

Whistling caterpillars,
bug zappers powered by the bugs they zap,
fluoridated water can hurt children's teeth,
Gotham partners announce they will profile EVERYBODY,
Peer Review by the Peer Review Players,
Paying attention can lose you weight and make you happy,
The Woolf-Pulfrich effect - 3D and antidepressant!
Presented and produced by Ian Woolf

Whistling caterpillars startle birds

Carnivorous Domestic Entertainment Robots

The use of fluoride in infants and children

The historical origin of the Pulfrich effect: a serendipitous astronomic observation at the border of the Milky Way
Poor Man's 3D Video
Doctor Who in 3-D
nV News - 3D Imagery - 3D Glasses
The Pulfrich Illusion
The Pulfrich Effect: Discussions & Explanations
Pulfrich Glasses - 3-D Glasses Named After Astronomer Carl Pulfrich
Pulfrich effect Stereoscopy (wikipedia)

Can Taped Goggles Heal Emotional Disorders?
Dual-brain psychology: therapy for both of your brains
Depression Research Supports Dual-Brain Theory

January 28, 2019
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