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Superlative hydrogen

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Hydrogen hijinks, by Ian Woolf,
Matthew Laplante talks about his book Superlative: The biology of extremes, Part 2
Hosted and produced by Ian Woolf

Matthew Laplante in a forest
Matthew Laplante

CSIRO Hydrogen Roadmap
Hydrogen gas trial in western Sydney could unlock $1.7bn in renewable exports
Project H2GO
The Hydrogen Hoax

16 renewable hydrogen projects backed by ARENA grants

CSIRO tech accelerates hydrogen vehicle future
AGL part of world-first hydrogen energy supply chain project
Scott Morrison brings coal to question time: what fresh idiocy is this?

If the CSIRO won't do research for the public good, who will?
Move to sack leading CSIRO scientist shocks scientific world
CSIRO spends almost $3m on climate science redundancies
What's going on inside the CSIRO and is Larry Marshall to blame?
Job cuts set to rock CSIRO Minerals and Data research
CSIRO cuts were about taking focus off 'public-good research', emails show
Science Minister Greg Hunt tells CSIRO to maintain 'pure public good' science
The crazy saga of the great CSIRO sell-off
CSIRO research vessel chartered by BP and Chevron
Save CSIRO: the value of public good research
Science Minister Hunt's Statement of Expectations to CSIRO (pdf)
CSIRO Research Vessel Investigator
CSIRO cuts: Without climate modelling, we won't be able to adapt
CSIRO's global reputation 'trashed' and new science body needed, Senate told
Global sea-level expert John Church made to walk the plank
CSIRO head Larry Marshal sued over technology firm collapse
Larry Marshall's reappointment agreed by Turnbull government but not made public
Science and Industry Research Act 1949

June 24, 2019
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