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Technology and social justice

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The cashless debit card by Ian Woolf,
The Class Welfare Card by The Juice Media,
From the Singularity University Summit 2019:
Dr Niraj Lal talks about technology, and social justice.
Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf

Dr Niraj Lal
Noise vs Signal
The Knews
Singularity University Australia Summit 2019

The Juice Media

Cardholder Housing Payment Limit
Indue and the small matter of political corruption
How the Australian government will make billions from the poor.
The poor worse off while companies profit from cashless welfare card
Labour Force, Australia, Jan 2016
Human Services rebrand as part of Scott Morrison's 2019 administrative orders
Cashless Debit Card – Frequently Asked Questions
Exiting the cashless welfare card trial is almost impossible, critics say
Cashless welfare card: loophole allows purchase of alcohol and pornography
Coalition's bid to expand cashless welfare card yet to win over Jacqui Lambie
‘Please listen to us’: the Newstart recipients trying to convince Scott Morrison he’s wrong

November 11, 2019
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