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Future of Human Needs past

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This show was originally broadcast 2019-02-04:
3D printed steaks,
One cheap pill to treat most of aging by Ian Woolf,
Nathan Waters examines Human Needs, now and into the future - part 1,
Sound checked by Charles Willock,
Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf

Nova Meat
Barcelona researcher develops 3D printer that makes ‘steaks’
A researcher has developed a plant-based meat substitute that's made with a 3D printer
Vivera Vegan Steak: Does It Taste Like The Real Thing?
Sampling Vegan Steaks
Vivera vegan steak: a review

(2006) Long-term angiotensin II AT1 receptor inhibition produces adipose tissue hypotrophy accompanied by increased expression of adiponectin and PPARγ
(2008) Angiotensin receptor blockers are lower incidence, progression of Alzheimer's disease
(2009) Disruption of the Ang II type 1 receptor promotes longevity in mice
(2009)Disruption of the Ang II type 1 receptor promotes longevity in mice (researchgate)
(2010) Angiotensin receptors as determinants of life span
(2012) Less Alzheimer's pathology with angiotensin receptor blocker use
(2012) New insights into angiotensin receptor actions: from blood pressure to aging
(2014) Brain renin-angiotensin system and dopaminergic cell vulnerability
(2016) Changes in Angiotensin Receptor Distribution and in Aortic Morphology Are Associated with Blood Pressure Control in Aged Metabolic Syndrome Rats
NMN Nicotinamide mononucleotide 125mg 30 caps

December 30, 2019

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