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Tesla suit field brain scanner

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Invisible man from Canada by Ian Woolf
From Singularity Australia Summit 2019:
Dimitri Mikhalchuk fits me for a Tesla Suit,
Professor Chris Levi develops a field brain scanner for strokes.
Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf

Ian wearing a TeslaSuit
Ian wearing a virtual reality TeslaSuit

Dimitri Mikhalchuk with the TeslaSuit worn by a dummy
Dimitri Mikhalchuk with the TeslaSuit

Chris Levi with brain scan equipment and images
Professor Chris Levi at the Hunter Medical Research Institute
Microwave helmet yields fast and safe evaluation of head injuries
What is a stroke?

Hyperstealth Corporation
How Guy Cramer Invented “Invisibility” with Quantum Stealth--and His Advice for Inventors
A new take on creating an invisibility shield borrows from classical physics

December 9, 2019
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