Diffusion Science radio: Electric cars, TB, and mutated whooping cough

Electric cars, TB, and mutated whooping cough

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David Sinclair cures blind mice and makes them young again,
Seyedfoad Taghizadeh from Maquarie University designed a intelligent car charger,
Elinor Hortle from the Centenary Institute fights Tuberculosis with aspirin,
Laurence Luu from University of New South Wales, how Whooping cough has mutated,
Natalie Twine from CSIRO how discovering hidden relatives helps discover new disease genes,
Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf

Seyedfoad Taghizadeh
Seyedfoad Taghizadeh from Macquarie University

Elinor Hortle
Elinor Hortle from the Centenary Institute

Lawrence Luu with microphone and sparkler
Lawrence Luu from the University of New South Wales

Natalie Twine
Natalie Twine from CSIRO

hostess Sarah Brooker
Sarah Brooker from Science In Public
Fresh Science NSW

Turning somatic cells into pluripotent stem cells
An interview with Dr David Sinclair
Erosion of the Epigenetic Landscape and Loss of Cellular Identity as a Cause of Aging in Mammals
Reversal of ageing- and injury-induced vision loss by Tet-dependent epigenetic reprogramming

Racing mice

Optic nerve repair

February 10, 2020
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