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Nano-tech train sets

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This show first broadcast in February 2019:

Cyber attack on Australia,
Weird technology from the US Navy, by Ian Woolf,
Nano-engineering molecular motors by Dr Shelley Wickham,
Sound and facts checked by Charles Willock,
Hosted and produced by Ian Woolf

Dr Shelley Wickham

A DNA-based molecular motor that can navigate a network of tracks
Scientists Build DNA Rail System For Nanomotors, Complete With Tracks & Switches
Instructables - Design, Assembly, and Verification of a 2D DNA Origami Nanostructure

DNAliens BioMOd team

Australian political parties hit by 'state actor' hack, PM says
Hackers gain entry to Federal Parliament network
Infosec pro questions PM's claims about 'sophisticated' attack
Parliament attackers appear to have used Web shells
Iran or China? Competing claims about actor behind Parliament hack
Explained: The Liberal Party's Parakeelia rort
Parakeelia rented Liberal Party's 2013 election campaign headquarters
Taxpayer-funded surveillance: The Liberal Party database and i360 combine
XKCD: Voting Machines
Web shells
‘State actor’ makes cyber attack on Australian political parties
Liberal Party harnesses i360 big data in time for 2019 Federal Election
The Liberal Party’s Parakeelia laundering scheme
Parakeelia generates a record $900,000 for the Liberal Party
Parakeelia: The (almost) perfect Liberal Party Scam
Revealed: How the ALP keeps secret files on voters
Labor's voter tracking practices exposed by a simple Google search
Political Databases: where privacy goes to die
Voting within Australia

If These US Navy Patents are Made Then We Are in a Star Trek Technology World
Navy files for patent on room-temperature superconductor
Patent: Piezoelectricity-Induced Room Temperature Superconductor
Navy scientists develop room-temperature superconductor based on Al or PZT coating
Big If Real: Navy Files Patent on Room-Temperature Superconductor

March 11, 2020
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