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Assange Extradition Decision

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Report and analysis of UK Judge Baraitser's decision on the extradition of Julian Assange to the US, by Ian Woolf
hosted and produced by Ian Woolf

Billboard with a picture of Julian Assange reading -WIKILEAKS: GIVING US THE TRUTH WHEN EVERYONE ELSE REFUSES TO

Pressure mounting on Scott Morrison to ask US to drop Assange charges
Julian Assange is 'free to return home' if his extradition is blocked, Scott Morrison says
Julian Assange cannot be extradited to the US, UK judge rules
Audio of call between the Clinton State Department and Julian Assange destroys the state’s narrative
Audio Recordings Confirm Assange Spoke to US State Dept to Stop Publication of Unredacted Cables
'Harm Minimisation': Assange Meticulously Redacted Docs Before Publication, Defence Witness Says
USA -v- Julian Assange Court decision
Torture of Julian Assange by Australian governments sends powerful message to whistleblowers
Julian Assange smears fade as Wikileaks witnesses concede he was not reckless, did protect informants
The @Guardian ‘s Dirty Little Secret – How they helped terminate Julian Assange’s political asylum

Julian Assange verdict does little to protect press freedom
Julian Assange: UK judge blocks extradition of Wikileaks founder to US

Assange, and the critical threat to publishing state secrets

Spanish court hears of security firm spying on Julian Assange’s baby and fiancee’s mum

January 4, 2021
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