Diffusion Science radio: 20 years of Bug-bots

20 years of Bug-bots

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Mice made friendly,
Cyborg venus flytraps,
20 years of Robo-roaches, 2001-2021 by Ian Woolf
Hosted and produced by Ian Woolf

montage of remote controlled cockroaches

Wireless multilateral devices for optogenetic studies of individual and social behaviors
Implanted wireless device triggers mice to form instant bond
Brain implant enables remote control of social interactions between mice

An on-demand plant-based actuator created using conformable electrodes
A way to ‘communicate’ with plants using electrical signals

Insect-Computer Hybrid System for Autonomous Search and Rescue Mission (blog)
Insect-Computer Hybrid System for Autonomous Search and Rescue Mission (pre-print) 2021

Japan's latest innovation: a remote-control roach 2001
Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot:
Control and Communication in the Animal and the Machine 2008

Remote Control Cyborg Roaches to Invade Classrooms 2011
Remote-Controlled Roaches to the Rescue? Nature 2012

Odour-tracking capability of a silkmoth driving a mobile robot with turning bias and time delay 2013
Locomotion control of hybrid cockroach robots 2015
Cockroach robots? Not nightmare fantasy but science lab reality 2015
A Swarm of Cyborg Cockroaches That Lives in Your House 2020
Cyborg cockroach with camera ‘backpack’ can be steered remotely
Remote Control Cockroach

July 5, 2021
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