Diffusion Science radio: Trustworthy fakes and edited hamsters

Trustworthy fakes and edited hamsters

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Amplified spiders,
edited hamsters
Trustworthy fakes,
Monkeypox is airborne by Ian Woolf
Ancient machines by Lachlan Whatmore
Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf

New study shows spiders use webs to extend their hearing

Outsourced hearing in an orb-weaving spider that uses its web as an auditory sensor
Spiders use webs to extend their hearing
New study shows spiders use webs to extend their hearing
CRISPR-Cas9 editing of the arginine–vasopressin V1a receptor produces paradoxical changes in social behavior in Syrian hamsters
Georgia State Researchers Find CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing Approach Can Alter the Social Behavior of Animals
CRISPR Editing Accidentally Turns Hamsters Into Angry Bullies
AI-synthesized faces are indistinguishable from real faces and more trustworthy
AI generated faces are MORE trustworthy than real faces say researchers who warn of “deep fakes”
What is typical is good: the influence of face typicality on perceived trustworthiness
This Person Does Not Exist
Susceptibility of Monkeypox virus aerosol suspensions in a rotating chamber
What was the primary mode of smallpox transmission? Implications for biodefense
What is monkeypox? A microbiologist explains what’s known about this smallpox cousin

May 23, 2022
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