Diffusion Science radio: Balancing Medical Censorship

Balancing Medical Censorship

Balance on one leg for longer life,
Rejuvenation without diet by Ian Woolf,
Dr Berger under conditions by the AHPRA? by Ian Woolf
Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf

AI generated image of Dr David Berger balancing on one leg, wearing a mask
Image generated by min-dalle and edited

Successful 10-second one-legged stance performance predicts survival in middle-aged and older individuals
Successful 10-Second One-Legged Stance Predicts Survival In Middle-Aged And Older Individuals (Author blog entry)
Is the ability to complete a 10- second one-legged stance associated with all-cause mortality?
If you can balance on one leg for 10 seconds, you’re more likely to live at least another decade
10-second balance test may predict how long you'll live

Caloric restriction has a new player: Reverse translation of a human caloric restriction trial finds an immunometabolic regulator
Key Protein Identified That Could Be Harnessed to Extend Healthy Lifespan in Humans

Register of Practioners - enter "David Berger" as a search term

Open Letter
Free speech for doctors - Letter to Health Ministers : re Ahpra and Dr David Berger,
Read and sign if you support free speech for registered health practitioners in Australia

AMA Victoria to call for Royal Commission into AHPRA
Medical whistleblower calling out COVID incompetence risks deregistration
Can doctors openly comment on COVID-19 vaccine benefits?

July 18, 2022

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