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Small Modular Reactors

Vaccine for hair loss,
NASA postpones the Moon ,
Are Small Modular Nuclear Reactors the answer?
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toy nuclear power reactor on tabletop with toy cars
toy nuclear power reactor on tabletop with toy figures and a toy truck
fake Lego toy nuclear reactor generated by Stable Diffusion

Can you hit rewind on hair loss?
Sinclair Dermatology Hair Trials
Alopecia Areata Gets FDA-Approved Drug

Demonstration HTR-PM connected to grid
China's HTR-PM reactor achieves first criticality
China Powers Up the World’s First Commercial Onshore Small Modular Nuclear Reactor
Why Small Modular Nuclear Reactors Won’t Help Counter the Climate Crisis
Small Modular Reactors: Safety, Security and Cost Concerns
Stanford-led research finds small modular reactors will exacerbate challenges of highly radioactive nuclear waste
Nuclear waste from small modular reactors
Small nuclear reactors come with big price tag: report
Prerequisites for nuclear energy in Australia
NuScale’s Small Modular Reactor Risks of Rising Costs, Likely Delays, and
Increasing Competition Cast Doubt on LongRunning Development Effort

Seven reasons why small modular nuclear reactors are a bad idea for Australia
US nuclear power: The vanishing low-carbon wedge
Peter Dutton has reached into the weeds of the climate wars and pulled out nuclear energy. It’s beyond ludicrous
Slow, expensive and no good for 1.5° target: CSIRO crushes Coalition nuclear fantasy
IKEA it ain’t: don’t go looking for friendly nuclear option, no matter the spin
Minerals Council of Australia’s nuclear misinformation
Small modular reactors offer no hope for nuclear energy
Coal and the nuclear lobby (updated)

Nuclear Waste Storage
Nuclear windmill synaesthesia
Nuclear Diamond batteries
Nuclear Dump Australia
Nuclear power for Australia? - part 1
Nuclear power for Australia? - part 2
Nuclear waste safe for 240 000 years?

August 29, 2022
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