Diffusion Science radio: Machines Behaving Badly - part 2

Machines Behaving Badly - part 2

Artificial Intelligence software used to find a 25000 times faster shortcut for quantum physics by Ian Woolf,
Professor Toby Walsh talks about autonomous weapons and rights for machines in Machines Behaving badly part 2,
Ian Woolf plays with the latest open source artificial intelligence utilities.
Produced and presented by Ian Woolf

Toby Walsh touching an androids finger, as seen from over the android's shoulder
Toby Walsh

Deep Learning the Functional Renormalization Group
Uncovering Hidden Patterns: AI Reduces a 100,000-Equation Quantum Physics Problem to Only Four Equations

Stable Diffusion Public Release
Mage Space AI art generator
Introducing Whisper

painting of Ian Woolf wearing a tan trench coat, holding his arms across his chest holding it tight, with comic book faces in the background
Ian Woolf looking like a comic book Lex Luthor with a clipboard
framed painting of Ian Woolf in a beige trench coat and a black fedora with a skinny brim, looking like he's out of Breaking Bad
deepfake photo of Ian Woolf with blue eyes and a metal mask, looking like a super-villain
Comic style drawing of Ian Woolf, bald, holding a black gadget, with a space station background
comic stle drawing of Ian Woolf, bald, with a futuristic circuitry kind of wall behind him
deepfake photo of older Ian Woolf holding out his Nobel Prize, dressed in a tuxedo, in front of a wall of books

October 24, 2022

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