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SETI switch

From 2010, why the search for extra-terrestrial intelligence has been doing it wrong! The discovery of an Earth-like planet 20 light years away, and high resolution tapes of the Moon landing recovered. Marc West, Victoria Bond and Ian Woolf.
Hosted by Marc West,
Produced by Ian Woolf

photo-realistic Gregory Benford standing in front of a SETI radio-telescope dish, that looks a little like a flying saucer, with nebula in the sky

Listening for Aliens: What Would E.T. Do?
SETI for profit
SETI Realities
A Beacon-Oriented Strategy for SETI>
Regarding METI and SETI Motives
Searching for Cost Optimized Interstellar Beacons

Gliese 581g: Potentially Habitable Planet — If It Exists
Not-Unsolved Mysteries: The “Lost” Apollo 11 Tapes

January 16, 2023
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