Diffusion Science radio: Stable Diffusion?

Stable Diffusion?

How does AI art software work? Ian Woolf attempts a clear explanation in plain English.
News of AI software showing what your brain saw.
Hosted and produced by Ian Woolf

Robot painting a picture of a robot

Reconstructed movie showing animal view of world proves scientists have a good understanding of how the brain processes visual information
Reconstruction of Natural Scenes from Ensemble Responses in the Lateral Geniculate Nucleus Journal of Neuroscience

Reconstructing Visual Experiences from Brain Activity Evoked by Natural Movies. Journal of Current Biology

How Did Researchers Manage to Read Movie Clips From the Brain?

Hyperrealistic neural decoding for reconstructing faces from fMRI activations via the GAN latent space
Are these pictures proof that brain scans can read our minds? Researchers showed volunteers pictures of faces, while a special type of MRI translated their brainwaves into images... with uncanny accuracy
Mind Reader:
Reconstructing complex images from brain activities

Seeing Beyond the Brain: Conditional Diffusion Model with Sparse Masked Modeling for Vision Decoding

The Illustrated Stable Diffusion
Stable Diffusion tools and resources

High-Resolution Image Synthesis with Latent Diffusion Models
(A.K.A. LDM & Stable Diffusion)

Stable Diffusion v1 builds on "High-Resolution Image Synthesis with Latent Diffusion Models"
Mage Space - free Stable Diffusion image generation on the web

February 13, 2023
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