Diffusion Science radio: The Long-Term Threat

The Long-Term Threat

The Long-Term Threat - the open letter to pause AI research, and who wrote it,
News of plagiarising anti-plagiarism anti-Ai AI by Ian Woolf
Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf

hungry robots with a big bowl of bewildered children on their table
The Problems With UChicago's Glaze
Glaze is violating GPL
Glaze's plagiarism is hilarious and indefensible
Has anyone seen a reproducible example of Glaze doing what the paper said it does?
So… the whole entire GLAZE AI thing… does it actually work?
Glaze training test, I overfit Karla's image so you won't have to
Ben Zhao responds to the 'glazing' GPL issue
Full source code of Glaze is leaked

Pause Giant AI Experiments: An Open Letter
Statement from the listed authors of Stochastic Parrots on the “AI pause” letter
Letter signed by Elon Musk demanding AI research pause sparks controversy
‘AI Pause’ Open Letter Stokes Fear and Controversy
The Open Letter to Stop 'Dangerous' AI Race Is a Huge Mess
Against longtermism
Understanding "longtermism": Why this suddenly influential philosophy is so toxic
Longtermism Hub critiques
Elon Musk wants to pause ‘dangerous’ A.I. development. Bill Gates disagrees—and he’s not the only one
AI's great "pause" debate
Open letter calling for AI ‘pause’ shines light on fierce debate around risks vs. hype
Ethicists fire back at ‘AI Pause’ letter they say ‘ignores the actual harms’
Elon Musk plans AI startup to rival OpenAI
Australian Lending Right Schemes (ELR/PLR)

April 24, 2023
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