Diffusion Science radio: Robot guide dogs and Killer AI

Robot guide dogs and Killer AI

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Hugo DeGaris warned us in 2010 that AI could threaten human existence,
and news of brain-fog, and robot guide dogs.
Presented and Produced by Ian Woolf

close up photo Professor Hugob DeGaris hands raised during a talk, with text from his talk projected on his face and the screen behind him

Free-water-corrected diffusion and adrenergic/muscarinic antibodies in myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome

,a href=https://revistapesquisa.fapesp.br/en/a-robot-guide-dog-for-the-blind/>A robot guide dog for the blind
Profile: NEIDE SELLIN and her company Vixsystem
Scientists in Spain create robot guide dog
Guide dog versus robot dog: assembling visually impaired people with non-human agents and achieving assisted mobility through distributed co-constructed perception
Spot the robot - a complementary guide dog for the blind

June 5, 2023
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