Diffusion Science radio: Are earthquakes affected by climate change?

Are earthquakes affected by climate change?

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Australian SpIRIT nano-satellite to be launched,
How climate change may cause more volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, and make them more severe.
Presented and produced by Ian Woolf

lightning striking an erupting volcano

SpIRIT counting down to launch in the US
How do you break Australia’s satellite drought? Hitch a ride with Elon Musk
SpIRIT of science: University of Melbourne-led satellite mission launch countdown begins

Climate change could be triggering more earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Here's how
Heavy rain can trigger earthquakes
Note on rain-triggered earthquakes and their dependence on karst geology

Scientists study likely link between climate and earthquakes

Can Climate Affect Earthquakes, Or Are the Connections Shaky?

Fluid-induced aseismic fault slip outpaces pore-fluid migration

We know where the next big earthquakes will happen — but not when
Melbourne earthquake 2023: are they becoming more common? A seismology expert explains

New Zealand Team to Investigate Impact of Climate Change on Earthquake-Induced Natural Disasters

Does fracking cause earthquakes?
How is hydraulic fracturing related to earthquakes and tremors?
Fracking can cause earthquakes tens of kilometres away – new research
Global review of human-induced earthquakes
Earthquakes triggered by fracking, not just wastewater disposal, study finds
2019: The Year Fracking Earthquakes Turned Deadly
Understanding Earthquakes Caused by Hydraulic Fracturing
Even if Injection of Fracking Wastewater Stops, Quakes Won't
Researchers Find Evidence That Fracking Can Trigger An All-New Type of Earthquake

Carbon capture and storage, geomechanics and induced seismic activity
Underground carbon storage is the future in Canada. But could it cause earthquakes?
Could pumping CO2 under Canada's coast cause earthquakes?
Fault Slip Tendency Analysis for a Deep-Sea Basalt CO2 Injection in the Cascadia Basin
Seismicity induced by geological CO2 storage: A review

A volcano is erupting again in Iceland. Is climate change causing more eruptions?
Volcanoes Can Affect Climate
Climatic control on Icelandic volcanic activity during the mid-Holocene

November 13, 2023
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