Diffusion Science radio: Microfactories and synthetic food

Microfactories and synthetic food

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Angus Deveson spoke with Ian Woolf about Microfactories and 3D printing
Ian Woolf explores synthetic food, from lab grown hamburgers, to food printers, and the man who is just a social eater.
Presented and produced by Ian Woolf

Sydney 3D Printers Meetup
uFactory - Micro scale Manufacturing in the Heart of Sydney

Cultured meat:
Fake meat: is science fiction on the verge of becoming fact?
Use of Fetal calf serum
Can Designer Foods Sell The Public On Lab-Grown Meat?
Lab Grown Meat
In-Vitro meat: $325,000 lab-grown hamburger 'tastes reasonably good'
Would you eat a burger grown in a laboratory?
Building a $325, 000 Burger
Modern Meadow
Laboratory Leather: Company to Mass Produce Tissue-Engineered Animal Hides within Five Years
Modern Meadow aims to print raw meat using bioprinter
Lab meat Limerick
3D food printers
3D Printing: Food in Space
The audacious plan to end hunger with 3-D printed food
NASA Bites On 3D-Printed Food: Automatic Pizza Assembly Machine Could Fuel Astronauts To Mars
How 3D Printers Could Reinvent NASA Space Food
Soylent - Free Your Body
What's in Soylent?
In Defense of New Food
Soylent Corporation prepares to DEFEAT FOOD

May 27, 2013
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