Diffusion Science radio: Chocolate robots

Chocolate robots

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Ian Woolf reports on asteroids with moons, and squeezing breast cancer.
At CeBIT 2013 Ian Woolf spoke to Fred Pauling about Telepresence robots,
to Cindy Huang about ThunderDownUnder's robot trophy,
to Dalton Tandulka about digital masks that mirror your facial expressions.
At Eat The Collection Ian Woolf spoke with Chris Bamborough about designing for 3D printers that use chocolate ink.
Presented and produced by Ian Woolf

3D Chocolate printer photo set
Thunder Down Under robot with Cindy Huang
Breast cancer cells growing in 3D-matrix revert to normal
NASA Radar Reveals Asteroid Has Its Own Moon
Telepresence robot for museums
FIRST Australia
Thunder Down Under robot competition team
CSIRO Face tracking and expression transfer
Eat The Collection

June 3, 2013

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