Diffusion Science radio: Bionic eyes traffic and Do-arama

Bionic eyes traffic and Do-arama

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Spies stole all the mobile phone keys, and
Spies hacked all the hard drives by Ian Woolf
At the NICTA Techfest:
David Gambril talks about Intelligent traffic,
Nick Barnes talks about the Bionic Eye and Vibra-mat,
Chris Cooper talks about Do-arama.
Production checked by Charles Willock,
Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf

2015-02-20 13.59.39
Nick Barnes

2015-02-20 14.00.58
How many fingers am I holding up?VibraMat in 1977 as shown in the book Science Fact

NICTA: National Information Communications Technology Australia

The Great SIM Heist: How Spies Stole the Keys to the Encryption Castle
SIM card makers hacked by NSA and GCHQ leaving cell networks wide open
Edward Snowden documents allege SIM card encryption keys stolen from Gemalto by NSA, GCHQ
The NSA has hacked your phone: What you need to know, and how to protect yourself
NSA Australia allies 'spied on US law firm' in Indonesia row
Terror laws clear Senate, enabling entire Australian web to be monitored and whistleblowers to be jailed

Malware infecting hard disk firmware remained hidden for 15 years – but who's responsible?
Equation cyberspies use unrivaled, NSA-style techniques to hit Iran, Russia
Inside TAO: Documents Reveal Top NSA Hacking Unit
Russian Researchers Uncover Sophisticated NSA Malware
Kaspersky's report: EQUATION GROUP:

February 23, 2015

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