Diffusion Science radio: Breakfast robots and TECHmyway

Breakfast robots and TECHmyway

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Zoomable contact lenses by Ian Woolf,
Cameron Clarke explains the connection between robots and breakfast,
Rosie Menzies and Jim Cook talk about innovation, and virtual reality at TECHmyWay.
Production checked by Charles Willock,
Hosted and produced by Ian Woolf


Cameron Clarke Contact Cameron Clarke

Sydney University's TechLab
Marita Cheng, Cameron Parker and Ashton Kutcher at Lenovo's #TECHMyWay


Make sure to fast forward to 37:40 when the talks actually start.
Produc engineer Ashton Kutcher - Technology will make us superheroes

Switchable telescopic contact lens
See here now: Telescopic contact lenses and wink-control glasses (PDF Press Release)
Telescopic contact lens lets users zoom with a wink
Telescopic Contact Lenses Are Here
Telescopic contact lens comes into view
See here now: Telescopic contact lenses and wink-control glasses
SUPERHERO vision: The contact lenses that magnify words THREE-FOLD and are controlled by winking

February 16, 2015

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