Diffusion Science radio: Urthecast and space lasers

Urthecast and space lasers

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Healthy high heels, Vaping for minors, Pluto fly-by, and Space lasers for Canberra by Ian Woolf,
Canada in Space with Marc Beaudry,
Singularity by Paul Rhodes,
Production checked by Charles Willock,
Produced and hosted by Ian Woolf

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Marc Beaudry

Urthecast: See the planet

Outback station to track space junk that threatens satellites
Australia to prevent 'Gravity' space crash with lasers (Update)
New center for space environmemt management announced in Australia
Move space junk with laser shots
Lasers to nudge space junk out harm's way
Space Environment Research Centre
Research Program 4: Preservation of the Space Environment
Electro Optic Systems
Mount Stromlo Observatory near Canberra to get $150m centre to combat space junk
New Australian research centre to remove space junk, save satellites and spacecraft
New Australian Space Environment Management Centre
WA space telescope could track Chinese satellites, missiles
Orbital Debris-Debris Collision Avoidance
Electro Optic Systems Defense - What we do

Engineers have designed high heels that you can actually walk in
The high-powered dream team trying to create a stiletto shoe as comfy as a trainer
The Rocket Scientists Making a More Comfortable High Heel

Get ready for New Horizons’ flyby of Pluto
The Path to Pluto: Mission Timeline
The Venetia Burney Student Dust Counter
KBO Hunting: How Hubble Rescued New Horizons
Increasing Variety on Pluto’s Close Approach Hemisphere, and a ‘Dark Pole’ on Charon

Global Drug Survey shows more are vaping e-cigarettes, while NSW laws stall
E-cigarette: NSW Parliament clamps down on electronic cigarettes, but loopholes remain
Simon Chapman: Why is Big Tobacco investing in e-cigarettes?
No butts about it: Cancer Council, cafe owners welcome new anti-smoking laws coming into effect

June 29, 2015

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